Horé! – Jakarta (07/09/19)

We use Horé! an online platform to get a daily workforce to support our hotel operations, where there are often events that require additional personnel that we may not hire these workers instantly.

But since the existence of Horé! makes it easy for us to get ready and competent daily workforce so as to facilitate our operational work paths especially in terms of Human Resources Department and related departments such as Food & Beverage Service and or Food & Beverage Products.

So far Horé! assisted us in a number of wedding, banquet, even New Year 2019 events, and we also operate other events to this day.

Hopefully in the future Horé! able to better and further develop services that prioritize guest experience in the world of hospitality.


Arbiter Gerhard Sarumaha – General Manager of Goodrich Suites Jakarta.



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