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Horee Testimonial

What Our Horee Say About Us.
Joining Horé!, has given me the opportunity to gain new experience which is related to my dream. Hence, I could learn new knowledge as well as experience the real working place. Horé! can easily help you to gain experience in hospitality fields.
Rey Yonathan Fathelity

Rey Yonathan Fathelity

Horee ID 00083

Horé! has introduced me to colleagues from lots of different background. But we have one similarity—which is to know deeper about hospitality world, and sincerely serve customers through Horé!.
Komang Ayu Meriana Agustin

Komang Ayu Meriana Agustin

Horee ID 00002

I personally feel blessed for joining Horé!. After joining Horé!, there are lots of things I could learn from the management team, in which there are still great people who are willing to motivate other people around them to keep moving forward and find their passion.
Reza Armenia

Reza Armenia

Horee ID 00054

Thank you Horé! for giving us (Horee) the experience in hospitality fields so we can apply the knowledge when we are working. I hope Horé! can give us more job pitches from hotels and other hospitality industries. Keep the spirit, Horé!
Saiful Rijal

Saiful Rijal

Horee ID 00034

Thank you very much, Horé! for trusting me and giving me the big opportunities to take your every job pitch in which I can gain new experience for me. Horé! is the best! 👍👍👍
Mohammad Saed

Mohammad Saed

Horee ID 00028

FAQ – Horee

Horee’s frequently asked questions.

Why should I use Horé! as an employer?
Horé! was created for companies in the hospitality industry that want to elevate their recruiting. Our platform is the best product on the market and offers the option to proactively get in touch with talents. Our wide range of packages in the future, additionally gives companies of all sizes the chance to find the right talent fit for their operations.

How does Horé! work for employers?
Simply register your business online and you will immediately be able to post job vacancies. Our recruiting platform then suggests an automated short list with the most fitting candidates. You now have the chance to reach out to these talents and are able to use the integrated chat function to start a conversation. Of course talents on Horé! also have the possibility to apply directly to the job vacancies you have posted.

How do I post a job vacancy?
Posting a job vacancy is a piece of cake. While doing so you have the possibility to select the languages the candidates need to speak or how much work experience they will need to have to join your team. Of course there are options to preview the job vacancy from the talents´ perspective as displayed on the Horé! mobile app and browser-based web application.

Do job vacancies run out on Horé!?
Job vacancies have an unlimited runtime on Horé! – they simply don’t expire. While a job vacancy is active you will have the chance to connect with the most promising talents. There is always an option to terminate a job vacancy and making it invisible for candidates on the app. As some positions are usually always vacant in hotels we recommend to simply let the job vacancy run. This does not result in additional costs.

How do I improve my chances to fill vacant positions on Horé!?
Employers with the highest chances of filling a position are the ones that proactively reach out to candidates. Like every human being talents on Horé! like to be courted. That is why candidates often decide to join the company they felt wanted them the most. Hotels that follow this strategy can balance out competitive disadvantages simply by being caring and sympathetic. It really is that easy.