Horé! is pleased to meet you

Horé! is a young and ambitious company based in Surabaya. We are a team of hospitality professionals, recruiters and software developers with one goal:

‘providing quality hoteliers every way, every day, always’
‘contribute to Indonesia’s hoteliers and hospitality industry’

Horé! vision & mission statements

Horé! vision

‘To instil a sense of purpose in every generation by exploring God-given gifts in people combined with today’s social culture that will empower each individual to serve one another for a greater good, and be the change agent the world needs.’

Horé! mission

Horé! introduces the future Talent Management system to contribute to Indonesia’s hoteliers and hospitality industry. We are the employee’s and employer’s best choice because:

  1. We strive in being a trustworthy partner for solopreneurs, through continuous training and mentoring; and
  2. We commit to being a reliable partner for hospitality companies by reducing HR workloads and achieving effectiveness in talent-related expenses.
  3. We provide exceptional service to support our communities and create meaningful relationships, where passion and purpose come together.

Horé! milestone

When it all started:
Inspired to contribute to the society, God’s wisdom was supplied and guided our steps to make it happen.

2016 November

The beginning.

Founder fanny dewi, uncovered a dream of ‘creating a more effective hotel operations without a hotel’ – having predicted the most latent problems in Indonesia hospitality industry: staff loyalty and ever-rising payroll cost.

2017 July

The next step.

Together with co-founders Dedy Mahendra & Wing Prakoso, took the first step to developing the dream into reality. ‘Horé! – hire on ready & educated’ was born.

2018 January

The first deployment.

By the grace of god, the team is finally formed.