Surabaya, 17 September 2018, Santika Jemursari Hotel Surabaya

The Testimonial

Horé! – In my entire career, I always prioritize a working system to reach goals of every job I am assigned for. Before developing the tangible things, in hospitality industry, human resource will always be the most priceless investment.

Before using Horé!, I used to relied on conventional manpower providers in which I often doubted their manpower availability. But has answered the need of manpower using sophisticated system by providing us with daily workers who are ready and qualified to cover the need for the operational department I am leading.

Just a while ago, our Hotel was serving an event with 1,500 invited guests and we were able to anticipate the event quite well and we used Horé! so the operational tasks could run smoothly. The result is quite impressive, all operational tasks run well smoothly..

Thank you Horé!, hoping you can improve even more.

“system is a strategy, people is the capital”


Best regards,

Fadly Saputra
Executive Chef - Santika Jemursari Hotel Surabaya
Kitchen Consultant


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