Our gratitude went to Suara Surabaya FM which had given Horé! an opportunity to be their guess speaker in “Inspirasi & Solusi” Talk Show.

In the talk show, Horé! was represented by Mr. Dedy Mahendra, Chief Operating Officer of Horé! – PT. Hore Karunia Globalindo. He shared SERVICE EXCELLENCE topic which emphasized on:

  1. Staff’s ability to deliver service which aimed customers’ satisfaction as their main goal.
  2. Staff’s ability to achieve customers’ satisfaction as the target of companies.
  3. A part which companies usually neglected which was the way a company could deliver an example of SERVICE EXXCELENCE which could be implemented by their staff.


A mindset which always tried to:

“put yourself in your customer’s shoes & always serve with a heart full of sincerity and integrity”


And also big thanks for the interactive callers.

Salam Horé!

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