If you are reading this article, I believe you must be a person who often hears or at least once heard the term of hospitality.

However, have you ever thought of the true definition of hospitality? Does it always related to hotels or hoteliers or those who work in hotels industry or not?

A Brief History of hospitality

Traveling has been a common activity for people for ages. Driven by various reasons and purposes, people travel from one place to another, to close or faraway places.

Hospitality itself started by a group of local residents who were willing to open their houses to help provide the needs of the travelers—whether it was the need of shelters during the night or terrible days, needs of foods and drinks when the travelers were running out of ones, etc.

Afterwards, either it was initiated by the travelers who felt thankful for the helps they’d received or the local residents starting to think of the survival of their own selves if they kept giving stuff freely to the travelers, then barter took place between the local residents and the travelers for the help given and received by both parties.

As transportation developed, more people started to travel; it wasn’t just the nobles / royal family or religions activists who travelled to many places, but commoners (people with no ranks or status) also started their own journeys in small groups then stayed in houses of local residents (which had been built up to inns so they could focus more on accommodating the needs of more travelers).

Some of the inns later upgraded the way they run the inns (operational standards) and also the facilities in order to attract more nobles and royal families to stay in their places so they could build relationships with high-ranked people as well as earned themselves some money to live. Hence, hospitality activities grew even more.

What is hospitality?

In short, hospitality is a relation based on compassion and willing to help others. Hospitality is’t just hotel-related stuff which we can only find in hotels, but we can find it everywhere. Hospitality isn’t just operational standards which have to be memorized. Furthermore, it’s the act of welcoming, serving and hosting others with compassion and sincerity.

Even the various operational standards nowadays were originally created by hospitality doers who passionately wanted the travelers they hosted enjoyed the help/service they provided more easily, just like the custom of the travelers.

The hospitality doers wanted to make the travelers feel as if they were home while in fact they might be traveling wearily for businesses or other tiring matters. Why did the hospitality doers have to go that far? Because hospitality is based on compassion and sincerity to respectfully host others.

Nowadays, as the development of technology grows faster, real interactions among people decreased tremendously. Savoir-faire which should have been a common sense among people has gradually faded and been harder to find.

As hospitality company based on IT, Horé! committed to carry on the essence of hospitality, which is: compassion and respect to others.

As Horee, can both you and I carry on the values above? I would say we MUST.  (Inspired by FD–MeriAg)

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