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Surabaya, April 3rd, 2018

Horé! prioritize the development of young talents to integrate their passion to hospitality field. In this wonderful opportunity, Horé! proudly introduce one of programs, Management Trainee, which is being undertaken by Horee ID 00002 – Komang Ayu Meriana Agustin (red; Meriana).

Meriana shared her opinion and experience which she’s got during the Management Trainee Horé! Here is her short review.

Meriana, tell us about your experience as a Management Trainee in Horé!

“I actually joined Horé! because I was interested in the concept: we can work at lots of fields and places related to hospitality whenever I want it. As I was accepted and could take the job pitches, my will to be able to work in different places came true. Knowing the standards and way of operation of different restaurants which I’ve never learnt in classrooms; getting some new network from the people I was working with at the restaurants in which I took the job pitch, it was all awesome! And as Horé!’s employer partners were increasing from only one hotel to several and I was getting really enthusiastic to be able to work on different hotels at once, things went differently.

Instead of getting pitches for hotels, I got a few unusual job pitches which were to translate some official documents of Horé! from English to Indonesian (*well, I do have an English graduated background and my previous job was also related closely to English), and from these pitches I’d got, I understood  how Hore! works and lots of behind-the-scene stuff of Horé!

And hence those unusual job pitches, unexpectedly, brought me an offer to become a Management Trainee (MT) in Horé!–an experience which I’d never expected before and of course I accepted the offer. Now, it’s been 2 months since I became an MT. I’ve got lots of varied experience and knowledge since. Stuff such as educating market, managing people, knowledge related to demand vs. supply, accurate problem solving skill based on the actual chart and data, so much more. And in order to educate the market, I’ve also got the chances to visit lots of employers and got to know people from hospitality industry.

Moreover, working with people who are so adhered to hospitality field, could somehow change the way I bring myself. I’ve become much more polite with my verbal and written language, and attitude which is more like a hotelier. Soon, there’ll be lots of things happen in Horé!. The most interesting one is undoubtedly composing coaching materials and joining training programs, workshop & community Horé!, and also to continue educating market about Horé!.

Salam Horé!

And that is the review from Meriana. We hope there’ll be more Horee encounter interesting experince with Horé! (dm)


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