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Surabaya, December 16th 2017

1st Induction Training was conducted on Saturday, December 16, 2017 in Java Paragon Hotel & Residence. 15 Horee from the 1st batch, who the 1st Induction Training, could directly communicate with Ms. Fanny Dewi – CEO / Founder Horé! using video teleconference.

Ms. Fanny Dewi also shared her experience, background, Vision, Mission, and the fundamental value of Horé!. It was followed with the explanation about Horé! by Mr. Dedy Mahendra as the COO / Co – Founder of Horé!.

The session was pretty interesting since it was filled with interactive sessions so Horee could express themselves and build their confidence to communicate one another and when they asked questions to Horé! management.

Induction Training is a continuous program from Horé! to ensure Horee always hold dearly the visions, missions, and values of Horé! as a ready and educated. (dm)


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