The Testimonial

Surabaya, April 2nd, 2018

Horé! got an exclusive opportunity to get a review from Mr. Fajar Hermawan, the Food & Beverage Manager of Novotel Samator East Surabaya.

Horé! has been partnering with Novotel Samator East Surabaya Hotel for these past few months. And below is his testimonial:

“Horé! is the solution of qualified human resource hospitality, Horé! helps our operational activities especially in Food & Beverage department (banquet, service, etc) which I’ve been leading all this time. May Horé! be successful, always!”.

That is the testimonial of Mr. Fajar Hermawan as the Food & Beverage Manager of Novotel Samator East Surabaya Hotel.

Horé! will always attempt to provide the best solutions for every partner (employer)

Salam Horé! (dm)



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