The Testimonial

Horé! is a future breakthrough for hospitality industry in which it’s getting more difficult to find qualified daily workers who posses excellent working skills for the field as well as excellent savoir faire and interpersonal skill.

I’ve been following the significant and promising development of Horé!. And I’d say Horé! as an online platform which connect ready and qualified daily workers to well-known hotels, restaurants, cafes, bars and other hospitality companies in Indonesia. 

I really support Horé! to expand themselves to other big cities in Indonesia and I feel optimistic Horé! will be able to help a lot of hotels, restaurants, cafes, bar, and other hospitality companies.

“Keep it going, Horé!, an invention for the nation.”


Warm regards,
Perry Tangkilisan Jr
CEO & Founder – PT. Penta Resouces International

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