Surabaya, 14 September 2018, Surabaya Hotel School (SHS)

The Testimonial

Horé! – I’ve known Horé! since the beginning of its establishment and the way of its founder started and strived to run it. It’s really amazing to see that Horé! has become one those providers of ready and qualified workers for hospitality industries.

As an hospitality practitioner who is active in an hospitality educational academy named SHS, I acknowledge and believe that Horé! is a solution to cover the need of manpower emerged due to the rapid growth in Indonesian hospitality industry. Moreover, the nature of millennial people such as the inability to have a long commitment to companies will be overcome by Horé! which give people to work for many companies at once. And hospitality companies will also be able to re-consider their budget for employment and choose Horé! so their budget can be more efficient.

SHS supports Horé! and all of its activities to empower and assist Indonesians to compete in the massive development of hospitality field.

SHS is also collaborating with Horé! to provide opportunities of on the job training (OJT) program in which our students can do their  OJT in Horé!. SHS also supports Horé! with rooms where Horé! can directly interact with our students  by holding Horé! induction and re-induction programs.

Personally, as SHS representative, I hope I can support SHS students, especially who are ready and qualified to actively work in hospitality field using online application named Horé!, created by fellow Indonesians.

And last but not necessarily the least, I just want to say, never give up to spread blessing and avail for our nation, Indonesia.

Warm regards,

Barry. T.F
Executive Marketing - Surabaya Hotel School
Restaurant, Cafe, Bar & Karaoke Auditor
Hospitality Assessor

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